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Halo Exams is a Patent Pending, fully automated, remote exam proctoring platform that provides a medium and an interface to ensure the total integrity of every assessment.


Test-taker Verification

Test-takers are verified and all exam sessions are recorded end-to-end for review.


Actions during the exam like pose, clicks, mouse/key actions, etc. are monitored and penalized accordingly.

Assessments Online

After a review of your recorded exam, you will be able to get your assessments checked off, all online!

A computer with a camera is all you need

Halo Exams saves the hard-working mariner valuable time and money by providing secure, monitored, online exams. No more need to travel and schedule, all you need is a computer and a webcam!*

Safe & Private

As users of our own product, we understand the importance of security and privacy of our customers’ data. We are committed to providing our customers with a highly secure and reliable environment. Encryption ensures that no one other than our reviewers and developers can access the data of client’s and this is only done if it is necessary to solve client-related issues.

Securely take exams anytime, anywhere

Halo Exams provides 24/7 on-demand testing, and through facial recognition technology eliminates human error and biases. Users are provided rules and requirements to follow throughout the exam, and will be monitored in real time to enforce those rules.