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HALO° Exams is a fully automated, remote exam proctoring platform that provides a secure and ethical online examination environment.

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Online Testing Made Easy

Seamlessly deliver and audit exams with AI

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AI / Facial Recognition

HALO° Exams utilizes AI to administer all exams and depends upon facial recognition for user verification. No more hassle of a live human proctor.

Report Generation/ Human Review

Exam results come with an AI generated report for human review to audit the results. Layered AI and Human activity enhances exam integrity and ethicacy.

No Downloads

Take exams 100% online without needing to download any external applications or browser extensions on your device.

24/7 Testing

HALO° Exams conveniently allows 24/7 on-demand testing to ensure that exams can be taken anytime, anywhere. Test on your own time.

The Student Process

A User's Experience On HALO°

Set up your profile

Find your exam in the Exam Center

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Set up your profile

Setting up your profile is the first step into the tailored experience HALO° Exams offers. This isn't just a registration; it's the beginning of a journey tailored to your needs.

Streamlined Experience

Once your profile is set up, all your details, preferences, and history are saved securely. This ensures swift logins, quicker exam setups, and a seamless testing process every time you return.

Enhanced Security

Your profile also enhances the efficacy of our state-of-the-art facial recognition system. By familiarizing the system with your unique features, we ensure that your exam sessions are monitored with unmatched precision, ensuring integrity and fairness.

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AI Delivered Exams

The need to coordinate and schedule specific timings becomes obsolete. Our system is designed to be on-demand, ready whenever you are, making last-minute cramming or time-zone challenges things of the past.

Audit Exams Within Minutes

This streamlined, comprehensive report not only aids in swiftly identifying instances of cheating but also offers insights into student behavior, concentration levels, and engagement. With HALO° Exams, dive deep into data-driven insights, ensuring transparency, fairness, and the upholding of academic integrity at every step.

AI & Human Intelligence

This blend of cutting-edge technology and human insight allows for the generation of comprehensive examination reports, offering unparalleled clarity and assurance. By marrying technological precision with the depth of human judgment, we provide a foolproof system that ensures exam efficacy and integrity in every aspect.

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