Frequently Asked Questions

I passed my exam, when will I get confirmation about my certificate/license?
If you just passed your exam, your exam has been submitted to an authorized HALO Exams auditor. The auditor has been notified about your exam and a review will be done to look at the recorded footage. This process usually takes 24-48 business hours and you will receive a notification if your attempt has been approved or disapproved based on the recorded footage.
I have a MacBook, can I take exams using HALO Exams?
Yes, Halo Exams has a Mac app. You can download it from here:
Why can't I proceed to the exam on an updated Chrome browser?
HALO Exams is designed to start exams only on the HALO Exams Desktop application. You can download our Windows/MAC application from here HALO Exams is currently only available on Windows and MAC. You can still log in, register, check progress and access other features on the website on any browser.