System Requirements

Trying to figure out if your device meets the requirements needed to take an exam, then you've found the right place! Here you'll be able to learn the minimum requirements needed to take an exam, along with what device and hardware are needed.

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Preparing Your Device


Make sure that your device is connected to the internet, whether this be public WiFi, your Institution's WiFi or a hotspot.


Any external or internal microphones are accepted. We will test your microphone prior to entering your exam to ensure it is working.


Any external or internal cameras are accepted. Your camera feed will be verified prior to entering your exam.

Laptop / Desktop

Your exam must be taken on either a laptop or desktop device as mobile devices are not allowed. You may use either a Windows or Mac computer to take your exam.

Google Chrome

All exams must be taken on an up-to-date Google Chrome browser. Make sure to close all other applications and programs prior to taking your exam.

Have any questions?

Visit our FAQs page to read about any extra questions you may have.

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Updated System

For the best experience while taking your exam, it is strongly recommended that Google Chrome and your operating system are both updated to the newest version. This will prevent any issues from occuring during your exam and allow you to submit your exam successfully.

Minimum System Requirements

To successfully take your exam on HALO°, you will need to have the following:

Operating System

Windows 10
macOS 10.13+


Google Chrome

Internet Speed

500 kbps+ download & upload