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How Can HALO° Help Your Organization?

Identity Verification

HALO° Exams’ cutting-edge facial recognition technology ensures a rigorous identity verification process. This is crucial not only during remote examinations for certifications but also during remote interviews, ensuring that the individual being assessed or interviewed is indeed the person they claim to be.

Real-time Monitoring

The real-time monitoring and proctoring features within HALO° Exams can be instrumental in maintaining a high level of integrity during remote assessments. HR departments can leverage this feature to monitor remote interviews or assessments, ensuring they are conducted fairly and transparently.


The platform curtails the need for physical examination or interview venues and in-person invigilation, reducing logistical and operational costs. This level of cost-efficiency is particularly advantageous in a remote working paradigm, allowing resources to be reallocated to other critical HR functions.

Accessibility and Flexibility

HALO° Exams provides a level of accessibility and flexibility that is invaluable in a globalized workforce environment. It allows candidates and interviewees to engage from virtually anywhere, thus widening the talent pool and accommodating a variety of scheduling needs.

Data-Driven Decisions

HALO° Exams can accumulate valuable data regarding the assessment and interview process which, when analyzed, can provide insightful metrics to HR personnel. This data-driven approach enables more informed decision-making, enhancing the effectiveness and accuracy of talent acquisition and management processes.

Enhanced Experience

A seamless, user-friendly interface makes the engagement with HALO° Exams a positive experience for candidates, thus reflecting well on the company’s image and possibly improving the candidate's perception of the organization.

Exam Integrity

Dedicated To Increasing Exam Integrity

At HALO°, we are deeply committed to elevating the standards of exam integrity and learning efficacy. Recognizing the vital role that assessments play in the academic and professional landscapes, we have harnessed cutting-edge technology and rigorous methodologies to ensure that every examination is conducted with utmost transparency, fairness, and precision. Our innovative platform not only combats potential malpractices but also ensures that assessments genuinely reflect an individual's understanding and competence. With HALO°, institutions and organizations can trust in a system that places paramount importance on genuine merit, ensuring that our future workforce is truly skilled, knowledgeable, and deserving. Our dedication is not just about preventing dishonesty—it's about championing authenticity, merit, and true academic excellence.

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How Can HALO° work for you?

Grades 6-12



Professional / Safety Certificates

Transportation / Regulatory Licensing


Human Resources

Grades 6-12

The advent of the COVID-19 pandemic significantly expedited the transition to online learning and examination, particularly spotlighting the need for ethical online examination systems. This change, most noticeable in the education sector, has been a linchpin in ensuring that the education, training, and certification processes remain uninterrupted and fair, despite the prevailing challenges. Especially for students in Grades 6-12, this transition heralded a new era of educational accessibility and flexibility. The mention of HALO° exams, although a specific aspect, reflects a broader movement toward maintaining academic integrity in a digital environment.

One of the central facets of ethical online examinations is the emphasis on academic integrity. By employing robust measures to prevent cheating and other malpractices, these systems aim to uphold the value and trustworthiness of the education being delivered. This level playing field is fundamental for both the educators and the learners, ensuring that the evaluation process remains fair and credible.

Cost-effectiveness is another hallmark of online examinations. They often eliminate several logistical hurdles associated with traditional exams, such as venue hire, paper printing, and invigilation costs. Moreover, they allow for expedited grading and feedback processes, which can be profoundly beneficial in enhancing the learning experience.

The geographic accessibility and scheduling flexibility that online exams offer cannot be understated. In a time when travel can be a health risk, online exams provide a viable alternative, ensuring that students can be evaluated regardless of their location. This flexibility extends to scheduling, allowing exams to be taken in a more personalized manner, accommodating individual circumstances.