HALO° Exams is a fully automated, remote proctoring platform that provides a medium and an interface to ensure the total integrity of every assessment. With 24/7 on-demand testing, HALO° Exams is convenient and secure for test-takers. It is a web application that can be accessed anytime, anywhere by downloading the application available on our website.

HALO° Exams eliminates human error, bias and much of the issues related to identity verification. HALO° Exams allows exam administrators to customize the proctoring functionality and information collected for each exam. HALO° Exams employs a Recording, Lockdown and Verification workflow.

When new users register on HALO° Exams, they will register with their name, email, and facial data. The facial data is used to access their account on HALO° Exams and take exams.