- Our Mission -

Give mariners the freedom to take secure tests anytime, anywhere setting a global standard.


HALO┬░ Exams is a fully automated, remote proctoring platform that provides a medium and an interface to ensure the total integrity of every assessment. It is a web application that can be accessed anywhere, anytime by downloading our application available on our website.

HALO┬░ Exams eliminates human error, bias and much of the issues identity verification and originality verification. The software offers instant, objective, and secure results without any scheduling or waiting. Halo Exams allows exam administrators to customize the proctoring functionality and information collected for each exam. Halo Exams employs a Recording, Lockdown and Verification workflow to create the desired integrity review. The system is designed for flexibility of use and use-case.

After completing all requirements in the course, the student will be directed to Halo Exams registration page where the student would register with their name, email and link it to their facial data. The face data is then used to access their account on Halo Exams. The student will then be given access to start the Final Exam monitored on Halo Exams.

With 24/7 scheduled and on-demand testing, Halo Exams is convenient and secure for our test-takers.