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Photo Upload (Headshot): Please upload a picture of yourself (color photo) no larger than 5MB that will be printed on your issued license and possibly monitor you during the online exam.
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Applicants should not be smiling in the photo.

The photo must have been taken within 3 months of filling out this application, and the applicant must present the same characteristics contained on the photo.

Any change in appearance (hair color, haircut, beard, etc.) after photo is taken will require another photograph.

The photograph must be a frontal picture, head centered; a fullā€face view is necessary. Applicant must be looking at the camera when the picture is taken, and not looking down or to one side.

Poor photo quality or older than 3 months from the current day will not be accepted. If your face in not detected by the system, please use a plain background for your headshot picture.


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